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14 minute mark: Craig Robson elbows McFadden.. yellow card for Robson.

44 minute mark: They have been keeping 9 guys back at all times, frustrating us.. but Downing dribbles past two defenders.. draws a third defender over as he dribbles into the box.. passes to Djemba who just inside the box.. he shoots.. hard shot.. it deflects off a defender.. into the right side of the net! GOAL!!!! 1-0.

Halftime: 1-0 lead. We have over 69,000 fans here today.

68 minute mark: Fletcher passes to rooney in the box.. hard shot.. lower right corner.. great block by the keeper.

70 minute mark: I put Adriano on for McFadden and Mamam on for Eagles.

74 minute mark: Downing passes to rooney in the box.. hard shot.. upper right corner.. the keeper blocks it.. it sails out to Djemba just outside the box.. he sends a blazing curving shot.. it sails into the upper right corner of the net! GOAL.. oh darn.. Downing was whistled for being offside before the shot. It's disallowed.

79 minute mark: Mamam crosses long to Downing.. he dribbles to the left corner of the pitch.. crosses to Adriano by the near post.. he heads it.. into the crossbar.. the rebound bounces to Adriano.. he hits it on the half-volley.. upper left corner.. GOAL!!!! 2-0. Nice goal by Adriano!

80 minute mark: Fletcher passes to Rooney in the right corner of the pitch.. he crosses to Adriano by the far post.. he heads it.. upper left corner.. GOAL!!!! 3-0! Adriano's 5th goal of the year already!

88 minute mark: Djemba heads a ball to Adriano.. he burns two defenders.. is pulling away fro the defense.. dribbles into the box.. shoots.. the keeper blocks it.

Game over. 3-0 win for us.

We outshot them 17-3 (11-1 on target)

Downing won MoM, 10 for form, 21 of 28 passes, 0 of 3 tackles, 5 of 10 headers, 20 runs, 1 assist.

Djemba had a 9 for form. Rooney, Adriano, Eagles, and Chivu all had 8's.

The rest of the team had 7's.

Downing will be praised to the media after this match. He has an amazing 9.24 avg form on the season.
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