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Punishment Inc.

Well, today is the day. After all the planning and heartache, blows to the head and now it comes to this. There is an excitement that is flowing through my body that I have not felt since the title shot. But that was years ago. I am Bucky Mason, but I am better known by my fighting name as Bucky the Bull. I was a heavyweight contender back in Ď90. I did get a title shot but that didnít last too long. The fight was short and sweet, not sweet for me, but it did change my life.

Following the knockout, I was a different fighter, I had gotten to realize my dream, and I realized that I would never get to again. I slacked off, lost some more fights, and instead of trying to climb the mountain to get back to the top, I slid down. Hard.

Boxing became a way to make money and support myself. I was a named fighter and commanded respect from the up and comers, until they realized that I didnít take the sport seriously anymore. At best I was a journeymen. I knew so much more about the sport than other guys did. I spent some time with the bottle, and lost a couple of years off my life. Tactically, I was sound. It was the physical side that I faltered on.

That brings me to where I am today. I have cleaned my life up, and found that I do indeed love this sport. It is my intention to find my way back to the top. Not as a fighter though, that time has passed me by. I was laying in bed, thinking back to that fated fight. Analyzing what I did, watching the tapes, and telling myself that I could do better. I had mulled the idea of going back to the gym to work out, but didnít really appeal to me either. I did go back though.
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