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Last week of June-

Fight Night

Omar is primed and ready for his fight. This is going to be a challenging fight for him. I am depending on his speed and elusiveness to win this. Hopefully Santana will open himself and Omar will make him pay. I have 50k riding on this match, certainly I donít feel as optimistic about it. After all it is only the 4th fight in my stable, and Acevedoís second career fight. Right now, as tense as things are you would think it was a title fight.

I told Omar to think defensively, be elusive, at the same time pressure Santana, keep coming forward and let go when the situation presents itself.

Here we go!

This fight is scheduled for 4 rounds.

This round should have been Omarís. The round started great, he was landing a lot of punches and hadnít been hit yet. He was controlling the fight when WHAM! A hook and Omar was on his back. FUCK! He was up at 6 and cooly landed punch after punch, but at this point no matter what he did he wasnít going to win the round. At best he lost 10-9. We really need this next round. The strategy will stay the same.

I think that we solidly won that round. Damn, if Santana doesnít hit hard. Omar did a nice job of avoiding punches and thew his jab a lot. He connected on more punches. He did well early and finished strong. We need to see more of that. The strategy will remain the same for the next round.

Santana started the round with some good punches and caught Omar coming in. Omar went down in a heap and wasnít able to get up. He was counted out. I am feeling really down right now. What did I do to my fighter? Flashbacks come into my head every time I see that. I remember the humiliation and feeling of letting everyone down. I know it is only his second career fight, and it is the first loss for us.

I wouldnít have mattered, Omar was going to lose on the cards. The judges had given Santana both the first and second round and one judge had it 10-8 for Santana in the first. It just wasnít to be. To top that off, I lost 50 grand.

I need a whiskey.
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