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The second week of August, 2005

Gerardo Ramirez scored a 12 round unanimous decision over Nishizawa, to retain the World Flyweight Title.

The Lightweight Championship is on the line this week. Melvin Horne, 8-6-0(8), is putting the title on the line against Jorge Reynoso, 20-3-1(14), and he is the #4 contender to the title. On paper the matchup looks like it is Reynoso’s to lose.

He is the better experienced fighter and is more well rounded in the ring. On Horne’s behalf, he has great natural instincts and can not only dish it out, but can take it as well. The oddsmakers favor Reynoso in this one and he is going at ˝, while Horne is at 7/4.

In two weeks Lawrence McFarlane will be back in the ring in the toughest challenge that he has faced since I started managing him.

Another interesting fight this week is matchup between Billy Conn, 64-11-1(15), and Virgil Hill, 46-3-0(24). Both fighters scored first round KO’s against top ten opponents in their last fights. Hill is #4, while Conn is #5. Odds favor Hill, but only slightly.
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