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Merchantmen pick DT Fletcher and QB Bell in first round
The Maassluis Merchantmen haven't traded up or down. The 9th and 13th overall picks were kept and used to bolster two positions Merchantmen fans are familiar with seeing picked highly. Defensive tackle Darien Fletcher was selected 9th overall, shortly after followed by quarterback Brandon Bell.

General Manager M.IJ.B. of the Merchantmen was pleased: "It was no secret that we tried to move up in the draft, but after our attempts failed, we got two players we did not anticipate to fall in our lap. Yes, pleased we are."

23-year old defensive tackle Darien Fletcher was touted as a the second player on the draft board and top three in overall talent. The Merchantmen saw it, interviewed Fletcher, but fully expected him to get snagged up by another team. As he dropped to nineth overall, the Merchantmen couldn't pass on what they historically have seen as a key position on defense. The home of Charles Gomez and Shaun Hartman. Fletcher can only hope to get into their footsteps.

23-year old quarterback Brandon Bell left a good impression with the Merchantmen staff. Although they were open about looking for a wide receiver at the top of the draft, management looked happy to pick him. A possible second round target, but he was moved up the priority list when the last of the top three graded wide receivers was taken. The Merchantmen have gone through a struggling season at quarterback, although they've been open about trying to re-sign quarterback Moe Sheldon, perhaps to mentor Bell. This does make it unlikely Francisco Farley will get another chance.
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