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First off I love this game and it's wonderful as it is but it can really use an updated modern look. When people say that it looks dated and messy, its probably being directly compared to games like OOTP Baseball, and Football Manager, which are slick and polished and handle a ton of data as well. I play both, on mac and on tablets (more tablet not than my mac) but I am more drawn to them because the UI is fresher, modern, and menus are well designed and finding where certain things are like lineups, stats, formations, etc are intuitive.

Go to the ROSTER page to set up your team. Go to the Front Office page to deal with trades, contracts, etc. Go to the Calendar or News page to see whats happening and what's coming up. Stuff like that.

These games are built with a larger team than just one person (though Beyond the Sideline Football from OOTP seems like it's just one guy right now), so I can completely understand the challenge of competing with this is especially when UI/Graphics isn't your main forte.

I am still patiently waiting for a great tablet football management sim (i really dig Pro Strategy Football which is more of a coaching game) but the market may or may not be as great for one as it is on a computer -- though OOTP and Sports Interactive and even SquareEnix have had pretty good success on their franchises on tablets.

That said, I really appreciate everything about this game as it is now. But I would like to see this game continue its success and having a redesigned interface would appeal to a larger mass.
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