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Question Flat design

Real beauty. The beauty of the interface.
Honestly I can’t tell you about it.
The „beauty“ got me a little bit surprised the first time I started FOF, but now, like so many others, I got used to it, I do not even notice.

To me it would be more important, Jim would use his limited time and his limited budget to improve and expand FOF continuously!
Until now, I love every new feature, every new window, every new data Jim has built in recent years.
By the way, I love the gimmick with the wallpaper - light out, light on.

Originally Posted by NawlinsFan View Post
This image reminds me of the optical changes of the UI by Apple in iOS.
Apple got rid of the deep and heavy 3-D Design and now showing a flat UI design.
For Apple, this design change has paid off. Many users find this style (more) modern.
Other companies/developer have their UI exempt from 3D graphics and introduce now such flat design.
Perhaps such flat presentation is the more modern? The more beautiful? The way to go?

If this here is a place where I may complain: I wish resizable window.
That many up and down scrolling is annoying!
But this is a technical complaint, no aesthetic.
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