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I haven't read everything about the UI changes, so forgive me if this has already been covered:
1. I would like to pick my columns. I jokingly refer to FOF as spreadsheet football but spreadsheets allow me to work with data so much easier. Looking at my roster I have 6 different view (Standard, Contract, Personality, Scout, Injury, Attitude). At different times I want to see different pieces of information, but I always want something a little different than the defaults. When managing my roster in-season, I want to see current estimate and injury type / duration. In FA1, I want to see current estimate and contract details or personality information. Maybe I don't care about loyalty but want to see fan popularity. The ability to see the columns I want changes, but no view works all the time. Maybe even let me have view slots and I can determine what information is there.
2. Navigation from player card back to roster view is inconsistent. From the various roster views, if I open a player card and make a change (offer a contract, deactivate, activate) when I exit the player card the active item goes back up to the team name. If I scroll at this time, I switch teams. I almost never want to look at another team's roster, maybe other people do. But I can't think of anything else that works that way. When I click a link in a browser, the scroll wheel still controls the main window, it doesn't go up to the address bar and scroll through recent pages. To make it more confusing, if I do not make a change in the player card and exit the card I can still scroll through my players.
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