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Originally Posted by NawlinsFan View Post

To go with it, a more robust set of play verbiage. The receiver that caught the pass after running his route over the middle of the field while losing yardage and the same tipped pass interception get a little old after awhile.

I agree with this. It would be cool if we were able to edit the text strings and save them as different shareable "commentary teams". So each game could have a little more flavor and uniqueness. It would be fun to have a Joe Buck commentary "He looks.. he throws.. Caught. Jenkins.. Jenkins.. Jenkins.. Down to the 30." or a Dennis Miller version "Davis brought Jones down at the 40 like Goldman Sachs brought down the U.S. economy back in '08" etc.

I'd like to see remarks like "The receiver made a heck of a catch on that play" or "The QB threaded the needle on that throw" to give us a better idea of which player had the biggest effect on the play. If it is all based on dice rolls, then an exceptional result should have exceptional wording IMO.
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