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I would like a couple of things. First, like most I do like the UI for Football Manager. However, I understand there are limitations to what can be done.

I would like to see an option to look at all of my players contracts over the length of contract for the entire team. I created my own spread sheet outside of the game, but that was very time- consuming.

Another option is to get rid of the "print" feature. I would rather if it can generate a PDF file and from there I can choose to print or save it to my computer. This is more useful to me. I love overseas and I do not have print out everything only to throw in the garbage when I leave. This is true about the Game reports as well. I would prefer it open up in a PDF/ excel spread sheet. This way I am saving it to my computer and I can review it later if need be.

I also like the color coding created above.

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