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Alright, let's quickly sim through the first season, cause it should be ugly.

Our third game of the season is our first victory, and I already have two players disgruntled at playing time. That’s going to be a serious difficulty of this dynasty.

McElroy is starting to get pissed, which may be a curse in having such a good quality backup. Yet, my team is 3-4. I have no desire to give my backup QB some starts when we are still in playoff contention. I can’t imagine a fifth round QB ever getting pissed before halfway through the first season with a 3-4 record sitting behind a first round pick. I mean, Jack Yoo, through seven, games, is 11 Tds, 5 picks, and a 90.5 rating. No way that’d happen in real life.

With our fifth win near the end of the season, and second in a row, all disgruntled players are satisfied. Win and people get less pissed. I guess that’s realistic.
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