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--Downes will miss about 2 weeks with a leg injury he picked up in today's match.

--Joe O'Sullivan resumes full training.

--We haven't been doing great lately but our goal is to avoid relegation in our first year in League 2. With 17 matches left, we're 6 spots clear of relegation and a full 21 points ahead of 23rd place Macclesfield. Our early wins plus the fact that we're picking up a lot of draws has us in solid shape. I'd love to make a little run to finish in the top 10 or at least the top half but really it'll be a success if we stay right where we are.

--Ed Upson has now been man of the match 8 times this year. That is a single season record for Woking. Sole had 7 man of the match awards in 09/10, and O'Sullivan had 7 in 11/12.

-- I didn't say much aobut it but the transfer deadline comes and goes. I tried a few short term loan offers for players who would be clearly better than anyone we had, but had no luck.

February 1st, 2014

Woking (9-11-9, 16th) @ Port Vale (12-7-10, 10th)

Port Vale are big favorites at their place, 2:5, we're 13:2 to win and only 11:4 to pull out a draw even. We lost 2:1 at our place in September. We fell behind 2-0 and managed one goal late. Port Vale's James Lawrie has 15 goals.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/Williams/Thomas/Ogogo
DMC: Smith
MC: Upson/Pulis
AM: Jesus/Ademola
ST: Subotic

Downes is hurt, Ademola in. Ogogo is back in as he's recovered from his short injury. We'll try Subotic up front today /shrug.

We're happy to defend on the road.

1': Lawrie receives a pass foward and gets itno the area, Williams is there at the last second to block what otherwise would have been a point blank shot with Lynch rushing out. Thomas clears.

14': Port Vale have 9 shots... 6 blocked/2 off target. They just took one that Lynch ahd to dive to save.

15': Only a matter of time the way this has gone. Lawrie shoots, blocked... rigth back to him and he plays a nice pass forward to midfielder Hough who puts it in very easily.

21': defender Rushton picks up a yellow for tripping Pulis.

24': We spend 3 minutes in their end, earning a corner, a couple throwins and finally a freek kick 25 yards out. Upson shoots on that free kick and that's our first shot of the match. Its blocked and goes behidn for a corner which is instantly cleared away.

31': We take our second shot, another free kick, another shot is blocked behind, 1st corner is headed behind, 2nd corner is eaisly cleared.

40': We end up with the abll in their end, Ademola has it at the top o the penalty area, its areally great through ball that Upson runs on to, but he doesn't shoot with his first touch and a defender gets there to tackle it away.

HALF: They ahve 60% of the possession which is pretty good b/c 25 minutes in it was 77/23. They have 16 shots... 2 on target, 6 off target, 8 blocked. Most of them are from long range but with that much volume it puts all kind of pressure on us. We only generated two shots, both of them on free kicks and both went off the wall. We'll try a standard mindset to generate more shots i nthe second half... but I feel its just as likely we get blown out.

62': They're up to 22 shots, a few on target but all long and nothing scary. Harsanyi in for Jesus, O'Sullivan in for Upson.

64': We earn a corner and take our 3rd shot of the match, O'Sulliavn gets his head onto the corner and puts it wildly over the bar.

69': ohhhhhh.... Harsanyi receives a cleared ball deep in our end... he runs down the left side, he controls it forever, taking it 60 yards down field himself, he lofts a cross into the area, Ademola gets to it, the header... hits the crossbar, ugh!! An inch lower and we tie it up. It bounces back into the area but they get to it first and clear it out.

78': Ball in for Upson and we'll try to attack to get a goal.

81': Nikolaou is hurt and very hobbled but we can't sub him now.

Port Vale 1 : 0 Woking

We get the ball forward a number of times in the final minutes but its intercepted/cleared before we can generate any kind of reasonable attack. Their star Lawrie is man of the match with a 9.0 rating. On our end Nikolaou with a 7.3, no one else over 7. No one was really bad... Subotic with a 6.2 but I can't blame him, we never got the ball foward to do anything at all.

They shot 27 times, just ridiculous. 20 were long shots so maybe its not as bad as it sounds. We shot 5 times, 1 on target, i don't even remember that one to be honest.

One thing I did note was that Christian Smith probably needs to get back on the defensive line. He cannot pass for shit out of that DMC spot.
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