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I'll do my best to keep this updated, but I have to work a lot this weekend so I can't promise anything...

Draft Board

CN - Mr. Shmallow, 22, "If he had a canon for an arm, too, he'd be an easy #1. But then, if he had a cannon, he'd be in the NFL. Reminds me of Paddy O'Leary - accurate, poised, a leader. Isn't the most talented guy on the board, but good enough to be taken with the first overall pick, should a team need him."
SA - Dip Dipperson, 21, "A young QB who marshalled his troops to victory, but didn't impress the scouts with raw skill. Still, he's tested and proven with a solid small school career, and he will go in the first or second."
LR - Roger "Don't Call Me Rocket" Clemens, 20, "Skilled he is, but tested, he's not. A fireballer who has a highschool hotshot mentality. Looks like a second round candidate. As young as he is, someone will give him a shot."
D. 22, "He didn't see much action in college, and I doubt he'd see much in the ZFL. Probably not worth your pick."

PT - Lothar Dirtpounder of the Here and There, 20, "A young sprinter with more speed than moves. Led his JuCo squad to victories and yards, but mostly on big runs. Still, that might be want you want in the ZFL. Second round for sure, maybe higher."
F. 24, "An NFLE workhorse who will probably be on the pine in the ZFL. Positive yards, but few big gainers."
G. 22, "A big, bruiser of a back who, however, lacks the speed or skill to excel in the ZFL. Late rounder at best."
H. 23, "A spark of potential, but the kid's head is messed up. A big gamble that won't likely pay off."

AQ - Drederick Tatum, 23, "A dominating, bruising runner in college. When his NFL team wanted him to switch to being a blocking back, he asked to be exposed to the ZFL draft. He wants to run, and run he will--as well as block. A top 5 candidate."
LR - Johnny "Kid" Rock, 22, "Solid second round prospect who showed the blocking skills in college, and should open some doors for ZFL halfbacks."
K. 22, "He gained weight each of his college years. He's up to 275 now, and I think he lacks the discipline to keep it under control. You probably don't want this glutton."

BH - Hercules, 20, "The first of 2 JuCo players at this spot trying to turn talent into touchdowns. No shortage of talent here, the 6'2 speedster can get upfield in a hurry. He hasn't seen top competition yet, but if he lives up to the talent, he's top 5."
FG - Kaptain Insano, 20, "Another untested youngster who impressed more with hands than with quick feet. Runs a good route and shows a knack for putting his body between the defender and the ball. Top round maybe, but definitely in the second."
M. 22, "There went the talent out the door. There isn't much here; this dropsy wideout won't see much action."
N. 24, "Too old, too slow."
O. 21, "Too young, too stupid."
P. 22, "Too not worth it."
Q. 23, "Did you hear the one about the moose who thought he could play football..."

FG - Ray, 24, "Another tested NFLE veteran who won't be able to help making a splash in the ZFL. At 6'5, 330, it will be a big splash, too. A top 5 splash."
AQ - Chester J. Lampwick, 23, "Drafted then cut by the NFL, he showed flashes of brilliance coupled with lapses of attention. Still, the raw material here (6'4, 310) is worthy of second round."
MW - Run behind me, 22, "A plugger in college whose teammates got more attention. Still, his line didn't allow a sack through 5 straight games and plowed for a century rusher in 8 straight. I suggest there's more talent here than meets the eye. Second?"
LR - Stevie "Tree" Trunk, 24, "Worthy of consideration in late rounds, he's got good mechanics if not great talent."
LA - Jackie Gleason, 23, "Strong and fast, but mechanically unsound. With good coaching? Late round."
W. 21, "Young and untested, but even still, I have my doubts. Only if you're desparate."
X. 22, "Not even if you're desparate."

KX - Nat Jackson, 21, "Once again, the JuCo stud takes the top spot based more on talent than proven ability. Even so, I project late first round for this slightly undersized but fast tackle."
SA - Two Ton Anchor, 23, "Late first round for this fellow as well. His arm strength is phenomenal, even if his footwork needs some attention. Probably not a superstar, but definitely an anchor."
CH - Fatman Jones, 24, "First to second round for this proven CFL stud who kept the hounds at bay for the Argonauts. Just a hair slow to stop the top DEs, but tenacious and capable."
FG - Dumbhead, 22, "A young fellow with good upside who could go second to third. He's a bit skinny now, but given some time in the weight room, should be a capable starter."

MW - The Wall, 22, "Late rounder who deserves a spot on the bench to see if he'll deliver."

LA - Ron Howard, "A young widebody JuCo star who showed drive and determination. Wasn't talented enough to make Div-I, but his heart should get him a look in the ZFL round 2."
EP - Dan "Little Sister" Wilkinson, 20, "Another JuCo star destined for round 2. He needs to bulk up some to play the game, but he's got some good moves and tackles well."
LA - Charlie Sheen, 23, "Demoted a bit in NFLE for a bad attitude, still the body is there, and he seems to have turned over a new leaf. With his size and speed, he deserves a look in second to third."
PT - Corporal Ziggy, 20, "Another untested JuCo man who has the tenacity of a pitbull, but who hasn't the size to be a star. He'll get overpowered some, but deserves a spot on the roster. Late second to third, I'd think."
e. 23, "Never quite achieved what Indiana University hoped, so he didn't see much action. But the potential is still there--consider as a late round option."
f. 24, "Consider very late, as he is a bit older and still has too many mechanics to work out."

MW - Sackmaster, 22, "Undersized speedster who will get pancaked, but will also get upfield. Late first to second round."
CH - Driven, 22, "Inconsistent player from UCal who has always had the body, but never the drive. He could go in the second, but unless he gets some fire, he'll never star."
i. 21, "Young DivII star who looks good on paper, sloppy and undisciplined on the field. Last round only."
j. 24, "My cat could probably pancake this guy."

CN - Fluffy Puff Marshmallow, 21, "University of Iowa grad who, though never heralded, nonetheless consistently put up big numbers. He hasn't the talent, but all of the intangibles to be a first rounder."
CH - Ell Stiladiocastracaphracistocophicano, 21, "Late first to second rounder who showed great speed at Tennessee, but didn't get to play much behind an all-american starter. He's untested, but what we've seen looks pretty good."
m. 24, "He put up impressive numbers in college, but failed to show much playmaking ability at the next level. Stopgap or bench player in the last round."
n. 22, "A small school athlete without much grip on the game. Not the kind of guy you want at MLB, but he could still be drafted late."

LR - Little Ray, "A speedy coverage back who tackles well in open space. He should fit right into ZFL schemes. The NFL didn't like him because he wasn't a pass rush specialist, but he has the talent at 'backer to go top 5 in the ZFL, where the DEs rush and the OLBs have to play in space."
BH - Aristotle, 22, "Another first-round candidate (second for sure), who may still be a hair small but has the instincts and speed to develop into a very solid ZFL OLB."
q. 21, "A young speedster without much discipline or head for the game. A last rounder who will likely stay on the bench."
r. 22, "He doesn't play in space well enough to cut it in the ZFL. Don't bother."

Chi - Shut Down, 24, "In a draft full of untested players, this safety is as close to a sure thing as you can get. He's really an overgrown corner, at 5'10 and 210, but still fast and agile. His play in the CFL made him a young, budding all-star, but he wanted to play in the States. He should continue that fame here. If a team is willing, he could go #1 overall."
CN - It's Dot Com!, 23, "A solid safety who looked good in college, putting up some big numbers. He's a solid tackler, and a team couldn't complain if they snagged him in mid to late second."
KX - Juco Jackson, 20, "Our first JuCo safety, he's an ahtletic WR whose hands were bad enough to send him to the other side of the ball. Will he adjust well? He's got the size, but a bit of a crap shoot. Still, worth a look in the third."
v. 24, "Tested, but not outstanding. We've seen him play in the Arena league, where he hit big but lapsed in coverage now and then. A bench player who deserves to be drafted in the third."

EP - Tommy Knight, "The first of two corners right at this spot that both have the talent to go #1, #2. This guy gets the nod because he comes from UCLA. Even though the Bruins used a lot of zone coverage, he's faced tougher competition that (x.), and come up smelling like roses. 5'11, 190, and fast."
PT - Master Hu Li, 22, "Another top5 candidate who looked on film every bit as good as (w.), but coming out of DivisionII. Still, he's just as strong, just as fast, and destroyed his opposition in man-to-man coverage, the type more commonly used in the ZFL."
BH - Hektor, 22, "He played for a solid college squad, but the defensive line was so dominant, he didn't have to hold coverage for long. There are some real weaknesses in his game that downgrade him to a third rounder at best."
z. 22, And speaking of weakness, this guy's claim to being an athlete worthy of consideration is weak

EP - Steve McLaughlin, 20, "A feisty, JuCo wrestler who shows the talent and athleticism to be an impact kicker in the ZFL. Probably second round."
SA - Mister Chuckles, 23, "Another solid athlete, but has already endured a couple of injuries. Though he has the talent to be top flight, there's some consensus that he may be a bit timid. Third round, I suspect."
cc. 24, "You gotta like his guts, but unfortunately, there's too much of them. I don't think this obese young man will find his way onto a ZFL roster."
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