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2010-11 Season Recap

Part One - Manager and Team Status 2010-11

Upon my hiring in July 2010, I had absolutely no status in the world of football (Sunday League footballer with "Obscure" reputation) and therefore was given a paltry salary of 350 per week, or 18,200 per year.

Dover was only a semi-professional club when I took over and carried an "Obscure" team reputation. We played our home games at Crabble Athletic Ground in Dover, UK, a stadium with a capacity of 6500 but only 1000 of those were seats. The stadium was in good condition and we had "Fairly Basic" corporate & training facilities along with Fairly Basic youth recruitment but "Minimal" youth facilities.

To sum up, we didn't have much!

Our average ticket price was 7.00 and we had 425 season ticket holders in my first year, paying an average of 140.00 per season ticket.

Our estimated value when I took over management of the club was 450,000, which ranked us 102nd out of the 160 English clubs in the first six tiers of the pyramid and 3rd in the Blue Square Bet South.

Our squad personality was deemed to be "Fairly Determined".

In future years, I'll chart out the history of all of these stats so you can see how things have changed over time.

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