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Vote Results: (Votes after 9PM do not count)

bek - digamma, pennywisesb, henry296, blade6119
blade6119 - Lathum, barkeep49
ardent enthusiast - mrbug708
saldana - cartman
kingfc22 - Vince
cartman - saldana
vince - kingfc22
henry296 - sackattack
mrbug708 - ardent enthusiast
barkeep49 - rpi-fan
realdeal - mr. w
raiders army - sndvls
lathum - dubb93
rpi-fan - raiders army

You all gather around bek, who professes his innocence. Noone listens. He is quickly strung up and you hang him from the same place where Neon_Chaos was found! He struggles for a few seconds, before having the life sucked out of him. You look through his belongings, and look around his room... it is clear that Bek was a Villager!

1. kingfc22
2. Blade6119
3. Vince
4. SackAttack
5. MrBug708
6. dubb93
7. ardent enthusiast
8. raiders army
9. Lathum
10. saldana
11. Mr. Wednesday
12. henry296
13. digamma
14. cartman
15. RealDeal
16. Barkeep49
17. Bek - Villager, lynched Day 1
18. pennywisesb
19. RPI-Fan
20. SnDvls

You all head back to your homes... fearing the worst! IT IS NOW NIGHT(1), KINDLY SEND IN YOUR NIGHT ACTIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thanks. Deadline is at 9AM EDT.

edit: sorry for the mix-up in votes.
Come and see.

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