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Originally Posted by Barkeep49
Well that does it for me. Here is a guy who "knew" Blade wasn't a bad guy yesterday. Initially this would lead me to believe that he's the seer or a mafiosio. When he wasn't killed last night I already was thinking of him. But now that he comes out swinging today and we find out that he is now MORE likely to be a bad guy (2 out 3) than a good guy? I vote Henry
I does strike me as odd that Henry wasn't whacked last night. I would think if he was the seer the mafia would want him out early. I am holding off on my vote for now because the seer is such a valuable asset to us, but I would like to hear an explination from Henry why he made this play so early on in the game when his alleged talents can help us alot more down the road.
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