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I think Steam/Geenlight is the right step now to introduce your product to a much larger community. As you have already noted it will at least allow access to the demo which will no doubt translate into sales, how many.... ????

One thing for certain, Jim has admitted he is not a PR guy. Going on Steam will allow a ton more feedback and if anyone has followed the forums for the games it is not all positive. So I would think that Jim may have to rely on a couple of the FOF faithful that he relies upon to assist him in answering or discussing the game with the community.

The graphics have improved dramatically but I will admit, being old, that not all of the changes will appeal to everyone. Still if the community understands that there are a few things they can mod it may help.

One thing I personally think would help a lot, especially since it is much more an MP game than an SP (IMO) would be to enhance the pre-designed league screens that would display the depth and range of stats and data in a manner similar to what someone has already done for a few leagues under 2007. Granted exporting a csv file allows a lot of flexibility but for leagues that don't have anyone with enough experience or time to develop them it would add to the feature list.

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