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In terms of the game looking dated, is that something that would be remedied by replacing existing graphics (presumably not the new contest-winning ones), or is it simply the structure of the game itself.

Graphics are probably the biggest and also the easiest thing I'd think that would need to be replaced. You dont need fancy animations or any of that business, but just the fact that the game is 100x more attractive with the graphics update is a great great start.

I think just taking some visual cues from the two leading sports sims - Football Manager and OOTP -- would go a long way. (they've also taken those same visual styles into mobile platforms with great success) FOF is actually pretty close to being there, now, I think, especially with the user generated graphic mods.

The separate window menus were actually quite a turn-off for me initially, being someone who just recently got the game a month ago. I had tried the demo and saw the whole windows thing and just a screen of hyperlinks and text and it really threw me off course. I then tried PFS and found that interface much more enjoyable (at first) however I felt something was missing and went back to try this demo out again and then just really grew to love it and ended up buying this product, so maybe I'm not so shallow.

If you wanted to modernize it a little more, then having a walkthrough tutorial of the first season with more guidance may help alleviate the learning curve for a new person to sports text-based simulations.

I hope you take this all as constructive criticism and nothing more than that. You've obviously developed a great game, which others, like me, have searched out to find and found it here in a great balanced american football sim.
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