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A note from your moderator

Over in the simultainous game discussion thread, Thomkal was talking about how if things got out of control I could step in and place some rules. As a middle school teacher, I have no problemms stepping in and creating very firm guidelines, and if that's what the community wants, that's what I'll do.

However, I sense that isn't what the community wants, and frankly it isn't what I think we need right now. One of the best things about WW is how we pretty much regulate ourself and a variety of people are willing to step up to help (for instance Blade with the hosting list, Gram with the list of who's played, king with the history, etc). I don't see this changing.

I also want to be clear when I'm posting as "the moderator" and when I'm just posting as someone who cares. You will notice in my moderator posts (such as this one) a signature that goes something like "~Barkeep, your friendly Werewolf Moderator". I've only used that twice (now three times) and can't imagine needing it much at all.

If you wish to discuss this further, or ever have need of me to do something, please feel free to post here, or PM me. I'm going to leave this stickied for a week before I take it down.

~Barkeep, your friendly WW Mod

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