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GM Sign-Up Thread

Below is our list of people who are interested in hosting a game. If you would like to be added to the list (or taken off) please post in this thread. You will see in the bottom that I post as of what post number this has been updated through in case I make a mistake.

Small Games are currently in-active due to lack of overall activity.

We have two types of games. Large games, designed to be the "featured game" and small games, a way for players to play a quick more intimate game. When signing up please say if you want to host a large or small game.

The guidelines for small games are as follows:
1. Small games are going to be capped at 11 people, but may be smaller. It is encouraged that priority be given to players not in the large game (whether through choice or death/lynching).
2. Small games tied to the large games. No small game will start if the large game has fewer than 16 players.
3. Small games should start on Day 3 or Day 4 of the large game.
4. GMs are encouraged to keep the small games simple.
5. For hosting priority will first be given to those not signed-up for a large game and then for players who are not in the top 5 for hosting a large game.

Game Sign-Up List
1. Abe Sargent
2. Crimsonfox
3. Autumn
4. Zinto
5. Danny
6. Pass.
7. Barkeep

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