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Originally Posted by sabotai View Post
Like I said, some of these could be really bad, but I do need to make these feuds last a bit longer. I'm burning through the match ups too quickly.

Worrying about the matchups issue is what sent me (very quickly) to using a fantasy football scheduler to help set my pairings in my (unpublished) Monday Night Wars game. Sounds kind of crazy I guess but it actually works pretty well. Have to skip some bad chemistry pairings, create some tag matches on the fly, etc. but two 16 "team" "schedules" facing every opponent one time produces 15 weeks of matches for two TV shows or a PPV. There's 4 weeks in a month + 1 PPV X 3 months = 15 weeks. It gets kind of convoluted & I'll spare the details but what it does is makes sure that each guy only faces any opponent in the same match once every three months/twice ever six months.
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