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While we wait for me to finish polishing the final spell realm, let's do another Dev Diary, but this time on races and stuff:

Dev Diary #3: The Pan-Planar Games

What is the background of the D3?

A pan-planar Dungeon that occurs every ten years to celebrate the Dungeon and bring in contestants from a variety of places. A variety of people with a variety of backgrounds and such are coming to Thorasia for the duration of the Dungeon contest.

Due to the large number of entrants, you are simply one of many groups, the winners of wish move on the next level.

Also, because of the number of games going on, the Dungeon has been entirely reset with a brand new slate of rooms, as well as some new items and fun.

We have five new races. You've seen the Beastmen. Here are the others.

Hobbits - These small halfling creatures are extremely nice, and fun. They are able to use a missile weapon like the bow - the sling, and any Hobbits can use it for free prior to any battle beginning, no matter the class. Also, Hobbits are really nice. So they always get priority over races when purchasing items from the Djinni sale.

Draconian - These partially draconic creatures were made/perverted from the eggs of good dragons. They have wings and can fly, breathe small amounts of fire, and are always evil. Because they fly, they are immune to pit traps, and might be able to access some places in the dungeon rooms. They initiate each fight with a breathe weapon that does 1d6+ their level in damage to one creature. However, their wings prevent them from wearing any armor at all. Luckily, their skin is as tough as leather, so they don't have some protection. They can still wear magical protection of course.

Klackon - These insectoid humanoid creatures are extremely lawful, and cannot take any class that would normally have chaotic introductions. They are an extremely productive race. Their chitin is tough and they get -2 AC no matter how much armor or class they may use. They also have infravision.

Dark Elf - No race understands pure unadulterated evil like the dark elves. No race understand pure power like dark elves. It's the dichotomy of the beast. Dark elves get a lot of bonuses. They have Darkvision from living underground, and they can cast Darkness once per day as a free spell. (No matter their class). This spell will blind one person, or drop a globe of darkness to blind folks in combat (the Dark Elf can see in it). They can also cast the Wizard Spell Create Poison once/day. However, despite their absolute power, no one trusts any dark elf, ever. They cannot join a party for any reason, not even with other dark elves.

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