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So, we end up... basically the same team. 10-6, pass-heavy, and among the second tier of conference contender. We lose the division on a tie breaker, and settle for the 6th seed and nearly certain doom.

GML: Baltimore Ravens 2077

QB Bush basically replicated what we have come to expect from our QB slot, for tiny money. Interesting. WR Dodge was again a target hog but not very productive with them, his 7.4 ypt was below the team-wide ypa.
RB Schwartz managed to get more carries than my rookie Wetzel - that's just poor gameplanning on my part, but neither was more than a replacement-level producer, so no sense that we lost out badly there.

Defensively, we got turnovers and past that we were not that good. Hancock and Osborne posted 25 sacks, but overall our PR% was only 18.6, way way too low to make this team work properly. LB Marsh was great in coverage (19 PD!) and helped to cover up our other weaknesses, it seems. Work to do there.

Better than expected season, all told. Go, Gino!
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