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Originally Posted by hoopsguy View Post
Looking at it this way, I'm struck by DV/J23/Saldana all voting together on Days 2 and 3.

Saldana was fighting for his life those days, so I have a hard time coming down too hard on him directly. But if he is a wolf, it sure seems like he was getting some help.

Post #352 - J23 put up a vote that, in hindsight, is very protective of Saldana. Pushed margin to 5-3 EF over Saldana, and then changed vote late to help bury villager DT.

Again, the J23 stuff is predicated on Saldana as wolf. If Saldana shows as villager, this is not as big a deal. But it is pushing me towards Saldana as the vote to learn something today.
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