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WCW Monday Nitro
Monday, Week4 , March 1998
Bank of America Arena, WA

Pre Show Dark Match
Alex Wright defeated Essa Rios (C)

Pre Show Dark Match
Chavo Guerrero defeated El Samuri (D)

Raven defeated Bubba Ray Dudley in a hardcore match (C)

James Mitchell warns the other tag teams of WCW that the Twin Terrors are going to take over (F+)
***hopefully this is the last time he gets to talk

Chris Benoit defeated Perry Saturn (C+)

DDP Hypes his match against Hall tonight (B+)

Dean Malenko defeated Buff Bagwell (C+)

Shawn Michaels appears on the jumbo tron and reveals it was he that has been attacking all the WCW superstars (B-)

DDP defeated Scott Hall (B+)

Ric Flair storms to the ring and calls our Michaels who isn't at the arena. A match is made for this Sunday's PPV Flair vs Michaels (B-)

Sting defeated Scott Steiner (A) After the match the two wrestlers celebrate for the fans (B-) before the nWo rushes to the ring and attacks the two (B+)

Show Rating: B

Show Thoughts
not a bad or great show, but my story lines are getting built up and I'm figuring out some booking things I didn't know so I should get some better matches coming up...also I'm going to bring in some lesser talent from NJPW and CMLL in trades to build up some of my guys as well after the PPV.
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