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Lady Elizabeth the Blond and the envious crew of the Blackened Catfish be statin' thar actions:

First, here be me business repert:
I'll be accepting 30g and 15g fer me cargo o' luxury goods.
Send 11g each to Sterling Silvers and Iron Foot William, and 12g to Spicy Antonio D'Griffin.
Increase me Trade and Dueling ratings.
Ferget the Shelly Half-Baked... I be gettin' the d6 ship fer 33g!

Fer me actions:
1. What be this news of the Sentinal Rock I hear?
2. Plan a ye Olde Fortress Raid.
3. Minion of Sterling Silvers on a Harbor Raid. Me crew be bolstered by 1 cask o' tobacco.

Tis all,
Raider Lizzie
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Thanks to my supporters: TonyR (SA Griffins FC), sterlingice (Houston Hippopotami), TK (Real Terps FC), the notorious pirate AE (Puke Green Sox FC), Krondor (Krondor Lancers), Dark Affair (Orient Express), and tucker rocky (Jacksonville Kickers).

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