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Originally Posted by hoopsguy View Post
Also, if an officer or Path would like to have a PM conversation with me about this let me know and I'll use my action in that direction today. I don't think I have enough in-thread information so far to feel any particular value out of an interrogation.

Don't worry about having a conversation with me today if you're considering me on the list. I'm likely leaving close to 6pm anyways to head out with my wife for until after deadline. Plus I've been pretty much stating most of my thoughts.

Also regarding my actions today. I am waiting to see what happens with people whom have not checked in yet. We absolutely need at least 1 more team out before 6pm today, but I would prefer two teams. I don't want to come across as heavy handed though, so asking for people's thoughts...

Are there any strong objections to me ordering Render and a team out to mine as well as ordering Saldana and his team out to mine today if they aren't here by say 5pm to either object to it? Along the same lines, if Danny hasn't checked in before I have to leave I am going to order him to fix the Security HQ. We're 1 person short and that is utterly important.

The only thing I am wondering... do we want to use up Render's AP to take a team out today, or is it better served training a new officer so we can have two full teams to go out daily without using up the Second officer's AP?
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