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Originally Posted by dubb93 View Post
CR jumping in here and deflecting attention from Jackal and Bholly is interesting.

Heh... now we have circles within circles. Ah, but if I am a wolf with my fellow wolf buddies The Jackal and bhlloy, you then presume I as a third (and presumeably unlikely to be more at the start of this ruleset) would willingly link myself with them right at the start.

That strike as something I would do, dubb?

Seriously, though, I would say my earlier observation was in the form of asking that we be cautious and not start to run away on anything on the basis of slim reason. Your suggestion is as good as any and as likely as producing a wolf, and we're not going to see anything but slim reasoning for any votes today. But I wanted to deflect so that we don't get caught running this down and don't have a proper discussion of other candidates as a result.

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