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My crazy class of juniors have hit the NBA draft now and so it'll be interesting to see where the end up and manages to stick in the NBA. What's been cool so far is despite the fact that these dudes killed it in HS, were highly touted through college recruiting and even have lit it up in college, none are a surefire bet to dominate the NBA, which I like a lot because it keeps things sane and looks more like real life.

Tito Campus, Duke (Knicks 1.16)
Jimmy Higgins, Louisville (Portland 1.6)
Henry Street, Indiana (Orlando 2.11)
Brian Pace, Murray State
Daniel Rodgers, Illinois (Chicago 1.11)
John Ebner, Central Kentucky

Brian Pace and John Ebner didn't get transferred into the game as NBA worthy, so both went undrafted and maybe we'll see them as coaches someday.

Tony Patrick signed a 1-year deal with the Orlando Magic worth $1.2 million.

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