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Not all related to running but something I had to share...

I used to always wear XL polo shirts, at least for the last few years and even at one point, was buying XXL t-shirts cause I didn't feel right being too tight in my shirts. Went shopping on the cheap at TJ Maxx with my 17yo son yesterday cause he needed some shorts and I thought, if I could find some decent polo shirts on the cheap, I might get a couple, you know, to refresh my wardrobe a bit. Yup, since losing the weight, I still had to replace the XL polo shirts because, well, some of them I'd bought just before losing the weight and frankly, I just didn't have much money to buy clothes for me. The kids, ok they're growing, but for me, I decided to make do with what I had.

Get to the store and see a couple nice ones but they didn't have any large left on their racks. Large is what I bought for the one polo shirt I bought last Summer. I look at the mediums and go "what the heck, try one on man" and even with my t-shirt under it, it fit perfectly, not tight at all. Man oh man, I'm wearing medium shirt now? When did that happen???

Ended up buying three mediums from three different brands and and they all fit perfectly! I was so ecstatic about the find, I could have bought 9 or 10! Even tried them in for my wife and she confirmed I looked perfectly fine in them.

Now on to hunt some decent 30" waist jeans/pants cause my 32s are getting slack. Not an easy task for a 5'11" man with long legs. Yeah, first world problems.

And no, I'm not trying to lose more, just tightening up the body.

I also ended up buying a nice couple of pairs of Nike dri-fit short shorts. Well not REALLY short short, but shorter than the knee length shorts I used to wear for running. And again, dang, mediums!

I also scored two more running hats so my wife doesn't have to wash my one hat every dang day. Oh, and running sleeves on absolute liquidation price. Never thought I'b buy running sleeves but Nike sleeves for 4 bucks was worth it. I'll eventually have a use for them at some point... I love TJ Maxx for my technical apparel needs. No technical shirts this time around though. With the races and all, I got plenty for a while.

Life is good.

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