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well, that was strange. I said yesterday I had a 5 km recovery run planned for today. That's what my spreadsheet says here. Then I doubted myself and double checked this morning on my iPad but apparently, I have modified my training plan from a "5 km easy" to "5 km recovery" since sending myself a screenshot of the training plan.

Really not that big a deal though as the difference between the two is almost nothing. I headed out in the rain this morning and did a 5 km @ easy HR, i.e. trying to keep the heart rate below 125 BPM. I succeeded to keep the heart rate below that threshold for the first 3 km and then did some fatrleky strides over the last couple kilometers, allowing the heart rate to spike up a bit. Felt very good and relaxed even to a pace around 4:20/km. Surprisingly good in fact...

Overall, 5.16 km in 26:46 for an average pace of 5:11/km and an average heart rate at 126 BPM.

The first three kilometers when I kept the heart rate mostly in check took me 15:48 for an average pace of 5:16/km with and average HR at 122. That's a pretty nice pace for that low of a heart rate...

As I said, it was raining this morning, sometimes pretty hard. This led to this little conversation between me and my wife, after I'd just come in from my run

wife: huh, you went out?
me: yeah, to run
wife: but, it's raining out there...
me: yeah, so, it's not battery acid
wife: huh, okay

I love my wife

This was probably my last run ever with my Asic Nimbus 13. I had last used them for that trail race about a month ago and they'd sit there, all muddy since that race. I wanted to take them out and hose them but the wet streets gave me the chance to get them all wet and then towel them to clean them up. This run puts them at 575 miles or so, a pretty good mileage for any shoe, I think. More so, I can now see how them being 9.5 in size was just really one point too small for me. My Ghosts (6 & 7) are now 10.5 in size and feel just right but the Nimbus really felt tight when running this morning. They will make for a very fine all around type of shoe...

Is it bad that I'm already tinking about my next pair of shoes? Yeah, sigh... I kinda liked the Nimbus for winter running. Felt the sole was slightly stiffer than the Ghost's sole, with a tiny bit more cushion and thought it worked well in the snow. Not too sure if I want to try and find a pair of Nimbus for Fall/Winter running or if I will not instead get a pair of Brooks Glycerin, the Ghost's big brother, a neutral shoe with more cushioning...

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