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About training last week, the timing of the 5K race kinda allowed for a kickback week in terms of mileage and time on my feet. 30.6 miles run in 4:24:36.

I had a fantastic long run on Sunday. 12 miles done in 1:45 on a course I had planned during the week. Discovered some new streets I had not visited yet, including a little bike path that ran in between backyards. For a little while I couldn't see any street yet knew exactly where I was, then I emerged to a street I just recognized. It was wonderful...

This week starts the increase in mileage with about 35 miles planned for the week with the following three weeks at about 40 miles each.

MON: 7 km recovery run
TUE: hills/incline work, treadmill (8x [email protected]%/[email protected]%)
WED: 7km easy run
THU: 30 minutes progression
FRI: Rest
SAT: 6.5 km @ HM pace (1 WUM / 1 CD)
SUN: 1:45 long run (3/4 easy, 1/4 @ HM pace)

I did this morning the hills/incline workout I was supposed to do last Tuesday and man was it a chore. I was drenched after doing it... you can see the treadmill workout I did a this link:
iFit - Workouts

I had to drop the pace a bit but 15% incline is hard to sustain...

I have already planned my long run for this weekend. I can't go the same route, or simply extend the route from last Sunday since there's a race taking place on or around that route. Not a race I can even participate in though, it's a women only race, fund raiser for prostate cancer...

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