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Today's long run was supposed to last 1:45:00 with 1/4 of it (or 26:15) at HM pace. Went very well then got to the dreaded 20.45 km mark, the distance at which I crashed back in May, and I almost shed a tear feeling great relief. Once there, I HAD TO get to the half marathon distance, definitely crushed some old demons today, I feel cleansed of my doubts. Bring it on world, bring it all on!

21.13 km in 1:47:18 for an overall average pace of 5:05/km (8:10/mile)
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Even better than the average pace on the whole run, I rocked the HM pace section, 6.09 km in 26:13 for an average pace at 4:18/km or 6:56/mile and that section started after a 73 minutes warmup...

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