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Turn-based Soccer? A Football: Tactics and Glory Dynasty

A post in the Steam thread referenced this game, so I tried it out and got immediately hooked.

What is it? Football: Tactics and Glory plays more like an RPG than an in depth soccer game. The turn-based aspects are not just related to team management, but also how the games play out. Each match is 48 turns long and each side gets three turns to act at a time.

The management aspects are primitive compared to FM, but there's enough there to make it fun to try and build your team up from nothing. You can buy players on the transfer market, upgrade your youth academy to get better, and players can learn special skills like Rainbow Feint or Layoff Pass that can really pay off during a game.

No matter what country you start in, the game has a static league structure:

Premiere League (18 teams)
First League (16 teams)
Second League (14 teams)
Third League (12 teams)
Amateur League (8 teams)

I've downloaded a mod for the US league that uses real MLS, USL, and Developmental teams. I will be managing the Des Moines Menace in the Amateur League.
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