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Originally Posted by digamma View Post
3D guns are supposed to contain at least a single piece of metal so that they do trip metal detectors. Metal detectors aren't really the concern, in my mind. It is again access to guns by people who shouldn't have them and once again find a way to get one around licensed sales.

I get that thought. But...a 3D printer capable of what we are talking is an investment of what, $3k in machine and consumables. Plus learning curve and time etc. When I can walk into any bad neighborhood within 100 miles of me and walk out with 25 guns for the same amount of money.

I just think we are a long way from that being a viable concern. I mean I guessif we are talking rich white kid outcast uses mommys credit card and orders 3d printer, prints gun and shoots up school...maybe in that instance the 3d printer is easier to obtain than black market guns.
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