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2020 pro-cycling / Tour de France thread

I’m not going to post the video, as i saw it live on TV and it was horrifying, but there was one of the worst crashes I have ever seen in cycling today.

Fabio Jakobsen, the Dutch national champion, was forced into the barriers by his compatriot Dylan van Groenewegen in a high speed downhill sprint.

Jakobsen went head over heels off his bike, his helmet came off mid somersault, and he collided with a combination of the barriers, a photographer and the scaffolding that supports the finish arch.

I nearly posted at the time that I thought he might not make it, but didn’t want to be melodramatic. However, he is in a medically induced coma with severe head injuries and had to be resuscitated a number of times before being moved to hospital.

Very sad chain of events, totally the fault of van Groenewegen dangerously squeezing Jakobsen out, and hopefully he can pull through.
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