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Two players have not sent the fighter details as of yet. I will name the teams and flesh out the universe a bit more with another exhibition fight (or two) to announce the beginning of the game.

There will be some changes to the game at this point. With there being 10 current players The teams will be 5 and 5 with each team having 3 "CPU" fighters. With 10 players I will remove the traitor roles and add a couple mechanics that will allow for some team versus team "espionage". Additionally the CPU players will only fight other CPU players during the first round. This way the team game will be decided by 5 fights that are human player versus human player (the 3 CPU player fights will not count towards the team totals).

With that said, if we get two more players before the game starts that will put us at 12 human and just 4 CPU. The traitor roles will remain in play at that point as there will be 6 human versus human first round matches.
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