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FOFC President Don Spears makes his way to the ring. He is accompanied by "Danny" and "Autumn".

"First, let me introduce you to the temporary Team Captains. To my right is Uzzi Radovich. He will be the temporary captain for Team Danny."

"To my left is Gregor "Avalanche" Strauss. He will be the temporary captain for Team Autumn."

"Both teams may elect new team captains and team names during the first day of the competition."

"Now, for the highly anticipated group of fighters."

"First, fighting for Team Danny will be:"
Schmidty - Jason "Angel of Death" Schmidt
Chief Rum (fighter details not sent)
DaddyTorgo (fighter details not sent)
chesapeake - "Angry" Phil McCracken
CPU - Jorge "Divine Wind" Imada
CPU - Tomas "Ironman" Festas
CPU - Tsunemi Uoya

"Team Autumn will be:"
Raiders Army - "Wick" Ed Johnson
Darth Vilus - Dmitriy "Siberian Express" Rurik
CrimsonFox - Vlad "Raven" Loff
dubb93 - Mike Jackson
CPU - Waylon Rodriguez
CPU - Chris "Loudmouth" Wheeler
CPU - Ewoud Vanderzee
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