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Oxford(21-9-11, 4th) @ Woking (27-7-7, 1st)

We're 5:4 favorites today, they're 7:4. We're kinda limping along at the end a little here but we're so far out in first that we just need to grab a few more points to secure the league title. Playing spoiler to Oxford's promotion chances would be fun though.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/V Taylor/Williams/Ogogo
MC: Upson/O'Sullivan
AM: Colin/N'Guessan
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

Same lineup for us today, Christian Smith is healthy but not fully ready to go. I have him listed as an available sub today. We'll attack at home.

8': Vince Taylor picks up a ball out near midfield, he passes foward to Harsanyi who is about 40 yards out, their defense is not really lined up well at all, Harsanyi passes foward to Constantino and there is a huge, huge hole in front of him. constantino runs into the area and fires a strong shot by the keeper, easy looking goal! 1-0

31': No highlights for almost 20 minutes, a couple off target shots not shown in highlights.

35': Upson and O'Sulllivan pass back and forth in the midfield looking for an opening, Upson with a through ball to the penalty spot, N'guessan breaks onto it, controls it and fires it into the right side of the net! 2-0

46': Colin with a long run down the left, a cross into the area, Constantino meets it and heads it... just wide.

HALF: We shoot 7 times, 2 on target, both goals. Oxford only has 1 shot, we have a crazy 63/37 possession edge, everything is going our way.

58': O'Sullivan plays a ball forward to Harsanyi, he shoots from about 30 yards out and its on target and a very solid shot, the keeper makes a good save to turn it behind. They clear out the corner.

76': N'Diaye in for N'Guessan, Dan Taylor in for constantino, Moseley in for Upson

77': Moments after we use all our subs Colin goes down hurt, his fitness is down to 40%. He'll just have to tough it out and we'll see how long the injury duration is.

That'll do it!

Woking 2 : 0 Oxford

Oxford shot twice today, once in the first half, once in the second half. This was some crazy dominance.

Man of the Match: Harsanyi (7.5)
Goals: N'Guessan (7.3), Constantino (7.1)
Assists: Harsanyi, Upson (7.5)
Notables: Ogogo (7.4), Nikolaou (7.3), V Taylor (7.3), O'Sullivan (7.5)

-- Colin is out for 5-7 days. No big deal.

-- No title clinch yet, we've got a 14 point lead on stockport, we have 4 left, but Stockport has 5 left to play.
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