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-- Wild blast from the past in our opening League Match. Jordan Clarke came up through Coventry's youth program. He was one of my early star loaners in defense, in the 11/12 season he started 47 matches for me putting up a 7.10 rating. He never did make the cut at Coventry, playing a couple seasons on loan in League 2, but now he's been released on a free transfer and picked up by Rotherham. He'll be making his debut for Rotherham against us, the first squad that ever gave him any league playing time 6 years ago.

August 6th, 2016

Woking @ Rotherham

We are 7:2 dogs in our first match, they are 4:6 at home today. This will be our first meeting. Rotherham has been in league one since the 10/11 season. They're generally a mid-table team, finishing 12th last year.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/V Taylor/Marc/Ogogo
MC: Upson/Paulo
AM: Colin/N'Guessan
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

Alcock is hurt, Wiggins is serving a suspension from a prior lifetime in English play from years ago i guess, and Zatara is still out in the Challenge Cup, so we are digging pretty deep to fill our subs.

10': N'Guessan is hurt, he can stay on and will since our options are a bit limited but that's bothersome.

14': Our first shot in Leauge 1... a header way over the bar on a corner.

16': our first clear cut chance in league 1, they're trying to pressure us, Upson is deep in our own end when he finds Constantino just past midfield, he beats one man, another misses a sliding tackle, and constantino is off to the races, he shoots just inside the penalty area as a man is closing down, but the keeper makes the save.

27': they get a corner, we clear it and start the counter, and again its a crazy individual effort by Constantino, beating two defenders before trying a difficult shot, its turned back for a corner, but we can't do anything with it.

36': Paulo clears a ball out of our defensive end and sends it long, Constantino gets to it and makes a run down the right, a cross... header by Harsanyi... right at the keeper.

HALF: We're looking pretty darn good out there. We have a 55/45 possession edge, we've taken 5 shots and put 3 on target. Rotherham have just 2 shots, both were blocked, and one was from long range. We are winning every tackle and header practically and really look like the better team right now. Its still scoreless though.

54': Throwin for Rotherham near midfield, a pass is blocked and ricochet's back to Constantion about 40 yards out, he begins a run toward sthe area, he makes one man miss, the defense really is failing to close down here, Constantino into the area, he shoots, its by the keeper and into the left side of the net!! 1-0

59': We were in a standard mindset, we switch to defensive.

75': They have it near midfield, there's a ball straight into the area, run on to by attacker Law, he's got a good look but he hits the right crossbar.

79': Run up the right sideby Law for Rotherham, he plays a ball through the 6 yard area and striker John Turner is there and puts it in. 1-1

The only highlight in the final 10 minutes is a free kick of ours that's immediately cleared out. We'll take a tie on the road in our first match!

Rotherham 1 : 1 Woking

Rotherham only put 1 shot on target all match, they only had 2 shots in the second half, we were really the better team today but are ok with the draw.

Man of the Match: Constantino (8.0)
Goals: Constantino
Notables: Nikolaou (7.0), Upson (7.2)

Everyone else is 6.8-6.9. The goal was unassisted.

Injury Update

Dany N'Guessan is going to miss 2 weeks with a thigh injury he picked up today. Could be worse.
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