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Stockport @ Woking

Stockport finished 2nd last year in League 2 behind us and was in the top 3 for the vast majority of the season. We're very slim 6:4 favorites today to their 13:8. We lost to Stockport both times 1:0 last year, and we have had horrible results lifetime against them, 0-0-6! Ouch.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/V Taylor/Marc/Ogogo
MC: Upson/Paulo
AM: Colin/Zatara
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

Zatara gets his first start at AMR today, otherwise our lineup is the set. We attack today.

14': We have a free kick out left near their end line... like maybe 10 yards out, weird spot. Upson takes it and sends a low pass to Vince Taylor, Taylor turns and fires quickly, and beats the keeper!! 1-0

27': we get a shot on a free kick that's blocked, and then a shot on our corner that's headed over.

30': We work the ball foward after clearing out a cross, Constantino has it 25 yards out but has no space, he finds a seam to get a pass to the right to Zatara, he shoots, but its saved, it was a tough angle.

42': Marc commits a foul about 35 yards out, there's one pass on the free kick and a long shot, its close but over.

HALF: We could stand to be up by more than 1 here, We have 9 shots and 66%(!!!) of the possession here, Stockport has 4 shots, all way off target except the last one and 3 are from long range. We are just totally dominating this game but only have 2 shots on target, it feels like we are at risk here if they can turn it around at all.

54': Again we're all over them but they aren't allowing us to do anything productive, 3 throwins deep in their end but we can't generate a shot.

66': A good bit of time goes off, there's a foul by one of their defenders about 30 yards out way out wide, Upson crosses in the free kick and they clear it behind, they win a header on the corner and it goes out for a throw... we throw it back out instead of into the area, Vince Taylor takes a shot from 35 yards out and bends it beautifully, the keeper has no shot at all, but it hits the right post, soooo close!

81': We drop to defensive as another 15 minutes fly off the clock.

84': Ferry and O'sullivan in for Upson and Paulo, Wiggins in for Nikolaou.

86': Colin receives a pass naer midfield, he makes two great moves and burns two men to get down the left side, he makes a nice pass into the area, Harsanyi beats a man and turns and fires... i thought this should have been a clear cut chance but it wasn't considered to be one, he hits the right post and it goes wide.

We easily kill off the rest of the clock, its against a League 2 opponent from last year but hey, its our first League 1 victory!!

Woking 1 : 0 Stockport

The second half is boring. We end up with a 62/38 possession edge in the end so we really maintained full control, but each team took 2 shots in the half and that's it, pretty dull stuff there.

Man of the Match: Vince Taylor (8.4)
Goal: Vince Taylor
Assist: Ed Upson (7.1)
Notables: Colin (7.9), Ogogo (7.1), Nikolaou (7.1), Marc (7.3)
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