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-- Ed Upson is named to the league 1 team of the week.

New Signing

After lots of scouting and debating on whether to even try to bring in someone new, we take a shot buying DC James Chester from League 2 side Blackpool for $16,000. He's valued at $22k. Blackpool got relegated out of League 1 last year, Chester had spent the last 3 years in League 1 putting up ratings between 6.95 and 7.15.

DC seems the one position where I will take a technical guy over an athlete, at least I hope that's how it works out, because this guy isn't exactly constantino running around out there. Pace 9/accel 7, Balance 10, Strength 11, lower than we'll usually even consider. He's solid mentally, Positioning 17 is a huge factor, Work Rate 14, Determination, Decision making, concentration, bravery all are 12-15. But here's why we signed him: Heading 14, Marking 15, Tackling 16. We don't have anyone like that. We don't have anyone CLOSE to that in our defense. So he won't be chasing down speedy attackers out near the midfield but he should be an extremely solid anchor in our defense.

Chester is 27 years old and will make $3900/wk for us.

-- The fans are thrilled at this new signing.

Injury Update

Kevin Lynch is hurt in training, he's out 5-8 days. He might miss 1 match, and if he does, our backup might be travelling with the Welsh U21 squad, and if that's the case, we might as well forfiet.

September Update

-- We play 5 league matches in september, on the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th and 27th. We won't play in the FA Cup this month, the qualifying stuff from lower leagues is still going on, but we might have a Johnstone's Paint Trophy match.

-- Constantino is second in the League One Young Player of the Month Voting.

-- Harsanyi's goal in our last match where he received a pass in his own halfof the field and took it all the way to the penalty area himself before scoring was voted the best goal in League One this month! Constantino had a great individual effort against Bradford that was #2.

-- The board is pleased with my leadership. Bringing in Colin is once again the best news and Mike Williams leaving the team remains a downer. We lost $79k last month.

Johnstone's Paint Trophy South Round 2 Draw

We'll be playing at home against League 1 Swindon, the team we just tied after they got a red card. This match won't be played until Oct 4th.

September 3rd, 2016

Mansfield(0-2-3, 23rd) @ Woking(2-2-1, 6th)

That's right, our respectable start has us all the way up in 6th place. Mansfield were in the BS Premier league in 08/09 and quickly moved up to League 1, they've been here since the 12/13 season. They've been inconsistent in League 1, last season they were a playoff team finishing 6th, but were 17th the year before. We're actually favored here, 5:4 vs Mansfield's 7:4. We played a friendly 7 years ago, our only meeting.

GK: Berry
D: Nikolaou/Chester/Marc/Ogogo
MC: Upson/Paulo
AM: Colin/N'Guessan
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

David Berry is a guy off the street basically. Lynch with a short term injury and Jason James out on international duty is going to cost us this game. We had a 3rd keeper on the reserve squad but I didn't like him any and hadn't given him a full time deal and he signed with a BSP team about 2 weeks ago. I didn't even think it noteworthy. Oops.

New defender James Chester will get his first start today. We're going to attack under the idea that we basically have to outscore these guys.

6': Throwin for us in their end, they clear it out long and the ball goes straight to Marc near midfield... and he whiffs trying to send it back in. They have an attacker nearby and with the massive massive mistake by Marc their attcker gets to charge after the ball and take it into the area all by himself unopposed. Easy goal. 0-1

17': Nice buildup for Woking, a throwin near midfield, passes between Paulo and Upson and Nikolaou position us nicely, its sent foward to Harsanyi, he plays it to Constantino at the edge of the penalty area, Constantino is one on one against a defender and he makes him miss a tackle, takes a step foward and buries a shot by the keeper! 1-1

21': They have a little 2 on 2 with our two DC's, Chester makes a nice tackle on an attacker, but the ball goes right to the other attacker, while Chester is still recovering from the tackle it turns into a give and go, there's a shot, Berry makes the stop but there's a rebound and they put the rebound in. 1-2

26': Harsanyi has it 35 yards out, he cuts right and plays a great ball into the area, Colin runs onto it and the defense is just not there, awful timing by the defense, Colin has a pretty poor first touch but the keeper stayed back, allowing Colin to recover and put it by the keeper! 2-2

30': N'Guessan to Constantino for a goal but he's severely offsides. This is craziness though.

35': Our defense is just falling down without Lynch back there to direct them... they earn a corner, its taken into the 6 yard box, Ogogo makes a really poor challenge on a header and they score. 2-3

40': There's a battle for possession in the midfield, Chester intercepts a pass and sends a long ball foward, Constantino beats a defender to the ball, controls it perfectly with his first touch just inside the penalty area and scores!!! The defender is blamed for missing a header on the long ball allowing that goal. 3-3

48': We have a corner, Upson takes it to Chester in the near side of the area, Chester is tackled, and its a penalty! Upson to take the penalty and he buries it. 4-3

HALF: We have 9 shots, 5 on target, 4 clear cut strikes, 4 goals. They have 7 shots, 5 on target, 3 clear cut chances and 3 goals. This is insane!!! Possession is pretty even, just we're seeing huge numbers of mistakes and keepers that can't come up big ever.

58': Mickael Colin is hurt, he can finish out the game but it shows as a legit injury which always has us worried about the postgame reports. He's staying in though his fitness didn't really drop.

60': We give up two corners before clearing the ball away. We've gone 15 minutes without a goal on either side.

63': Another Mansfield attack, we clear a ball behind for a corner, Paulo easily clears the corner out.

65': Defender Manny Smith gets a yellow for tackling Harsanyi. The free kick is just outside the area all the way to the left, its crossed in but cleared. We recover the clearance and push it back in, Colin makes a nice run in the area through a crowded defense but loses the ball when he tries to lay it off for Constantino.

70': Subotic in for Colin, Harsanyi moves to AML, Subotic up front. Zatara in for N'Guessan.

73': We allow a through ball and an open shot from the left side of the area, Berry makes a nice stop though!

76': Marc is hurt defending a throwin and making a tackle, we'll check on him after the match.

86': Guy off the street stops clear cut chance!! They generate a quick attack, playing in a cross from the left side that we aren't in position for, there's a shot form 10 yards out but Berry gets down and makes a save to turn it behind! Corner is cleared.

We kill off the last few minutes and a full 4 minutes of extra time.

Woking 4 : 3 Mansfield

I think my attacking idea was the right one, we had to simply outscore these guys and we managed to do so.

Man of the Match: Harsanyi (8.8)
Goals: Constantino 2 (8.8), Colin (7.4), Upson (7.3)
Assists: Harsanyi 2, Chester 2 (6.9)

Everyone in the defense put up 6.8-6.9 numbers, which is really not bad for giving up 3 goals.

Injury Update

Colin is out for 2 weeks with a thigh injury "after miskicking the ball" ... way to go buddy!
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