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New Signing

My scouts recommend a 19 year old, ST Bob Green. I almost never make signings for the future, but that's pretty much what this is. Green's physical attributes are all in the 11-12 range, he's got solid flair (14) and influence (14), Teamwork and Work Rate (15/12). He's a poor passer (4) but can finish real well (14) and dribble well (11). He's not much right now, but he was not playing for anyone, only wants $400/wk, and I'll either play him on the reserve squad or loan him out. I won't be paying him much, right now my coaches say he'd just be our 6th best striker but that his potential is sky high. This is basically the first time I've ever tried to make an investment in a player, hoping he'll either develop into someone we can use, or develop some value so we can make some cash selling him down the road.

October Notes

-- We play on the 1st, 4th, 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th. Our match on the 4th is the Johnstone's Paint Trophy. Should we win that we may play again in October.

-- Constantino is 3rd in the Young Player of the Month voting for September.

-- I am the manager of the month for September! We went 4-0-1.

-- The board is delighted with my leadership, and mostly pleased with our league 1 performance. Mike Williams departure is still the only negative to mention. We lost $65k last month.

Training Updates

Some nice notes this month, worth mentioning.

-- Stelios Nikolaou's Composure(13), Decision Making(10), Off The Ball(8), Positioning(12) have all improved recently. He's one of my most reliable players and seeing him improve is thrilling.

-- Backup/Young Keeper Jason James Aerial Ability(6) and Strength(7) improve.

-- 32 y/o Imad Zatara shows improvements in his First Touch (13), Free kick Taking (9), Long Throws(7), Marking(6), Penalty Taking (9), Technique(12), Composure(11), Positioning(7), Acceleration(11), Agility(9).

Zatara's improvements are odd since he's 32. Is that a "getting back into shape" recovery of skills maybe?

October 1st, 2016

Woking(6-3-1, 2nd) @ Gillingham(5-3-2, 4th)

Gillingham are slim 6:4 favorites today, we're 13:8, almost even, we are pretty darn happy about that seeing that they're in 4th place right now. Do we really belong in the playoff race in League 1? Gillingham spent one year in the Championship but got relegated immediately. Their last 3 seasons in Leauge One showed finishes of 8th, 2nd and 5th. They're a good team for this level. We've never met before.

GK: Lynch
D: Nikolaou/Taylor/O'Sullivan/Ogogo
MC: Upson/O'Sullivan
AM: Colin/N'Guessan
FC: Harsanyi/Constantino

Gillingham is led by Simeon Jackson with 8 goals, a 29 y/o Canadian worth $1.2 million. This is the type of guy and type of value we don't have access to and may well be the difference between our chanes to advance and Gillingham's. He's not on loan, he's a member of a league 1 squad worth over $1 Mil. Also on Gillingham is AML Antonio German. Another player who we loaned in for one season, he was a key player for us in one of our BS Premier Seasons.

On our side, Nikolaou an N'Guessan start again today after a game off. Today Chester starts for Marc and O'Sullivan starts for Paulo. We'll defend on the road today.

10': Three highlights, all three we make a poor pass, they use superior speed to get someone in range to intercept, they quickly pass foward and take a long shot. The third time, their star Simeon Jackson fires a rocket from 30 yards out that bends into the net.. 0-1

16': Mickael Colin is hurt... his fitness is mostly ok but he's got the injury mark, we'll see how he does.

28': Midfielder Weston gets a yellow for tackling Harsanyi.

36': Our first shot that I get to see a highlight of, Colin gets down the left side, crosses into the area, and N'Guessan puts it over.

HALF: Can we do better than this? Gillingham shoot 9 times, 5 from range but 5 on target. We end up managing 5 shots but all off target, only two were worthy of highlights that I even got to see. The highlights I'm seeing make Gillingham look stronger, faster, and simply better by a large margin. But its only 1-0. We have a big edge in posession, 62/38. What i've seen of that so far is that whenever gillingham get the ball they can very very quickly get it into position for a reasonable shot. We'll keep trying though!

53': Constantino runs around the offensive end with the ball for quite awhile looking for something, eventually he makes his way to the end line on the left side and crosses it in, N'Guessan is there with a very weak header, its on target though, our first on target shot, just no power behind it at all.

55': They control it in their offensive end forever, Jackson can just run around with the ball for as long as he wants whenever he gets it, they get two shots that are blocked and we clear out a couple crosses, each time they send it back foward right away, we finally make a clearance.

70': N'Guessan gets a yellow.

75': Midfielder Lewis for Gillingham gets a yellow. Zatara in for Colin, Paulo in for O'Sullivan.

80': Lets try to attack and see if we can come up with anything the rest of the way.

82': Subotic in for an exhausted Harsanyi

85': Vince Taylor picks up an injury, we'll check on it postagme.

One last highlight of a very long shot for Gillingham before it ends.

Gillingham 1 : 0 Woking

We shot one time in the second half, a super weak header that had zero chance unless the keeper slipped and fell over.

Notables: Lynch (7.2), Taylor (7.1)

This team was just better than us, and watching the match it didn't feel remotely close. This felt like a team that we do not yet have the resources to compete with. They started 4 players valued more than anyone on our team who make more than the max salary i'm allowed to offer.

Injury Update

Vince Taylor will miss 2 weeks with a thigh strain he picked up today. Mickael Colin is fine.

New Signing Update

So I signed this guy with a lot of pretty numbers to a $400/wk "hot prospect" contract. I mentioned that I hoped his value might approach something useful if he plays well out on loan, etc. Well, he comes in and is immediately valued at $140,000! That's currently more than anyone else on the team. I'm not really hurting for cash so I'm not itching to sell him, but at the same time, Woking isn't exactly the type of place to fully develop players either. Something to keep an eye on perhaps.
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