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Incredibly, the email starts off with an apology about the way they handled the price increase (splitting services), then takes a huge dump on the costumers by announcing they are splitting the web site. As someone else mentioned, I think this is the day Netflix dies.

I was just looking through their list of mostly b movies wondering if it was really worth it anymore, especially if they are losing the Starz content in January.

yes I also found that extremely bizarre. The post started with "my bad we get it, we are sorry" and went on to "but that was nothing, wait till you get a load of this crap"

one of the most disappointing things about this for me is at least in my mind Netflix was a top notch company until I read this. I had a friend who had interviewed there and he shared with me this excellent power point deck they had but together that outlined a very forward and employee favorable place to work.

will be very interesting to see what happens next.
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