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News and Notes

Business Ledger- March 1st
Financial SummaryExpenses
Balance: $446,779Tax: $0
February profit/loss: -$45,045Fighters: $53,722
IncomeContracts: $0
Gate: $24,354Drug Tests: $16,800
Sponsorship: $8,218Production: $3,720
PPV: $0Marketing: $4,654
Ads \ Subscriptions: $0Admin: $4,654
Merchandise: $0TV: $0
Coporate: $0Coporate: $504
Misc: $588Misc: $504

Losing lots of money as expected, but our next show in April will be in California, where MMA has a higher popularity level, so I am expecting a 200-300 more in attendance as we are marketing for two full months. This will be the trend, which is why I am not running shows every month and we need to be breaking even by the time we get to $200,000 in reserves, which will be a tall order.

Big Magic has recovered from his eye injury and will be appearing on the April card. I have also signed the main event for our June card, which will see a heavyweight champion crowned, but in the meantime.

The complete card for ECW 2

ECW 2: UprisingSaturday, April 28, 2001
Main Event
The Green Machine' Rupert Dreck 8-0 vs Adrian 'The Power' Pascal 6-0 - ECW LHW Title
Taye Burnett 6-0 vs Barry Strachan 26-17Bernard Blue 11-2 vs Chaz Babish 11-4
Bart Diggs 9-4 vs Ronnie Allen Teller 6-1Guy Broom 5-0 vs Lachlan Bowen 11-7
Plus 3 exciting preliminary bouts featuring
Brady Crawford vs Jacob Barley, Tom Essy vs Moe Muschin, Big Magic vs Blaze Weeks
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