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In addition to Nigel Malley, Jasper Osmond and Tobias Goulet announce their retirements from the sport. Malley hangs it up with a record of 23-16, Osmond finishes at 14-13 and Goulet at 16-17. I will be looking to sign some young fighters to fill these spots soon.

Jerry Bogdonovich sustains a minor neck injury, but is still full go for ECW 4 in July.

Unsigned British fighter Hardy Tristan tests positive for recreational drugs, not the smartest thing to do when you are looking to get signed with a company.

And what is going on Japan, Rikiya Uchiyama is the second Japan based fighter to get into hot water for posting racially charged material on social media, and he hasnít even debuted yet!

Sam Hoynes accepts a 5 fight extension at $2,200 per fight, securing someone that appears to have a future on our company for a while longer.

In follow up we keep Gamma from taking MacGregor Dare, overpaying the Light Heavy to the tune of $3000 per fight for 5 fights.

Gamma strikes again offering contracts to Wink Deschanel, Jericho Stewart, Nate MacReary and Jacob Barlee. I offer raises to everyone but Barlee, who is already way overpaid. Barlee ends up leaving, but I retain the other three.

Our entire July card is formally announced and financial numbers released. We are below 400K in reserve, so we probably have about four more cards (including this one) before we are going to need to start breaking even. Gate revenue is up over 20K from our first card and while expenses are up to, the escalation of costs is much less than the gain.

ECW 4: Red, White & BruisedSaturday, July 28, 2001
Main Event
Isaiah 'Thump' Monroe 9-0 © vs Joey 'Hands' Valdez 8-0 - ECW Middleweight Title
Jerry Bogdonovich 10-0 vs Wink Deschanel 6-0Wilson Franklyn 10-1 vs John Fitzwallace 9-4
Justin Brannagh 7-2 vs Edward Zahn 11-7Wes Hersch 6-0 vs Chesney Brightman 4-1
Plus 3 exciting preliminary bouts featuring
Oscar Gomez vs Stan Still, Eric Dartmouth vs Samuel Russo, Brayden Behrami vs Brett Krakowski
Business Ledger- July 1st
Financial SummaryExpenses
Balance: $378,623Tax: $0
Monthly profit/loss: -$34,521Fighters: $59,553
IncomeContracts: $0
Gate: $42,692Drug Tests: $19,200
Sponsorship: $8,919Production: $4,135
PPV: $0Marketing: $5,191
Ads \ Subscriptions: $0Admin: $1,008
Merchandise: $2,871TV: $0
Coporate: $0Coporate: $504
Misc: $588Misc: $504
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