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A month out of ECW 5 Reed Howlett hurts his leg in training, but I am able to get Tom Essy to take the fight against Carson Neuwirth on short notice for a $250 inducement. Unfortunately Neuwirth wants $750 more since the opponent is changing and I have no choice but to pay him. I will remember this though.

Mort Slingsby, who is scheduled to fight Deverill Butt in November suffers a broken ankle training and the fight is off. Brady Crawford will step in and fight Butt in his place.

We sign two Heavyweights to bring our total to 22. The new additions are 18 year old newcomer Douglas Acid, a 68 giant with a 1-0 pro record and 36 yr old journeyman Soren Jellyman, who is 13-10 and lost to Wilson Franklyn at a local show right before we signed Franklyn.

Current Rankings heading into ECW 5
HW RankingsLHW RankingsMW Rankings
CSylvester Collins 8-0Rupert Dreck 9-0Isaiah Monroe 10-0
1Damien Jones 8-0Jerry Bogdonovich 11-0Esteban Vega 8-0
2Wilson Franklyn 11-1Glenn Pimm 34-13Wes Hersch 7-0
3Sly Twinge 9-0Justin Brannagh 8-2Bill Brown 6-0
4Barry Strachan 26-18Jethro Munter 14-9Bernard Blue 11-3
5Taye Burnett 7-0Petey Barnum 22-15Billy Russell 7-0
6Nate McCreary 7-0Brody Howles 6-0Dwayne Alleyne 8-1
7Collins Lundie 12-6Wink Deschanel 6-1Ed Burridge 7-0
8Randall Donnelly 12-8Jericho Stewart 6-0Timothy McNally 8-0
9Sam Hoynes 6-0Brayden Behrami 6-0Bradley Dixon 20-13
10Guy Broom 6-0Samuel Russo 18-13Joey Valdez 8-1
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