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2001 Awards have been released as we head into ECW 7

Fighter of the Year – Mason Archer
Company of the Year – Sigma
Rookie of the Year – Tom Essy (ECW’s first award)
Show of the Year – SIGMA: Kanchelskis vs Yankini (September)
Female Fighter of the Year – Sarah Vaughn
Team of the Year – Bear Pit
(ECW fighters Dwayne Alleyne, Fatuma Roy, Damien Jones, Jerry Bogdonovich, Isaiah Monroe and Randall Donnelly currently train here)
Fight of the Year – Fjodor Kanchelskis beat Stephan de Winter (Sigma)
Worst Fight of the Year – Ken Peters beat William Harrison (GAMMA)
Knock out of the Year – Fukusaburu Hirano (over Ikku Funaki)
Submission of the Year – Roger Bean (over Rory McEnterry)
Main Event of the Year – Luiz Machado vs Philip Ziskie
Upset of the Year – George Laurent (over Lenny McFadden)

ECW 7: Winter Wasteland- January 12th, 2002 - Nevada
Main Event - ECW Middleweight Title
MWIsaiah Monroe 10-0 © vsEsteban Vega 8-0
The fight starts slow as Monroe catches a leg kick and scores a takedown, but does little but control Vega there for most of the opening stanza.The 2nd and 3rd rounds follow script as Monroe, while not always exciting is efficient and does a great job controlling the fight, throwing measured punches and taking Vega down in each round.In the 4th round Monroe elects to test Vega in the standup game and after eating a pair of leg kicks rocks Vega with a right, then drops him with a left hook, before pouncing on the his shaken foe and putting him to sleep to retain the belt
Isaiah Monroe beats Esteban Vega by TKO (strikes) in 3:10 of rd 4 (Good) retains ECW MW Title
HWSly Twinge 9-0 beats Wilson Franklyn 11-1 by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 (Decent)
LHBrody Howles 6-0 beats Jethro Munter 14-9 by submission (rear naked choke) in 2:25 of rd 1 (Great)
MWReed Howlett 6-0 beats Bart Diggs 9-5 by KO (punch) in 1:09 of rd 3 (Good)
LHAdrian Powers 6-1 beats Glenn Pimm 34-13 by KO (punch) in 0:23 of rd 1 (Good)
Douglas Acid beats Bronson Berle, Big Magic beats Soren Jellyman, Blaze Weeks beats Eric Dartmouth
Att: 735Gate: $71,552Rating: Critical 66, Commercial 44, Popularity +0.7
Fight of the night - Howles/Munter, KO of the night - Pascal, Submission of the night - Howles
Wrap up
Monroe's ground and pound was the difference as he landed 81 ground strikes (11 power) to just 3 for Vega in a methodical performance.Twinge looks like a different fighter this time out and totally nullified Franklyn, shaking off several hard shots, maybe he is more than just a big mouth.Glenn Pimm announces his retirement after being stopped by Pascal and Soren Jellyman announces his returement after being Ko'd by Big Magic, who earns a spot on the next main card in his HW debut.A slight dip in attendance, but the Las Vegas location bumps our gate up 20 grand over the last show in Arizona and we make a profit of $2,754 on the card, so we are back on the right side of the ledger
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