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I decide to shoot for an April debut of the Welterweight division and offers out to 19 of them, which would give us 20 to start (Pizarro dropping down) if they all sign. Zeke Eliot and Agustin Gonzalez appear to be among the best.

We outbid Gamma to retain the services of Jerry Bogdonovich and the Welterweight signings start to come in, we sign 18 and after the February show will drop Pizarro and one other Middleweight down.

Next up, Gamma has offered Big Magic a contract!! You have to be kidding me? This guy is a one trick pony that I have been protecting since his debut loss, I wish I could schedule him against Franklyn, let him get destroyed and let Gamma take him. This is strictly a PR move, but I built him, so I want to capitalize on any earning power he has, forcing me to counter bid.

ECW 8: My Bloody Valentine- February 23rd, 2002 - California
Main Event - ECW Light Heavyweight Title
LHRupert Dreck 10-0 vsJerry Bogdonovich 11-0
The fight everyone has been clamoring for and Dreck tempts fate in the 1st, standing with J-Bog and getting dropped for his troubles, wheere he quickly pull guard and weathers the storm.Dreck smartens up and looks to keep Bogdonovich pinned against the cage for the next two rounds, though Jerry manages to land some big shots in the 3rd.The 4th sees J-Bog land some more big shots and he looks to have the lead going into the last round, where he rocks Dreck again, then a sudden change as Dreck gets a takedown and out of nowhere steals it with an armbar!!
Rupert Dreck beats Jerry Bogdonovich by submission (armbar) in 2:19 of rd 5 (Great) retains Title
MWWes Hersch 7-0 beats Bernard Blue 11-3 by unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 (Very Poor)
This snoozefest saw 187 punches from Hersch, 90% of the variety you would tap your girlfriends shoulder with though
HWFatuma Roy 22-11 beats Gareth Grundy 10-6 by unanimous decision 29-28, 29-28, 29-28 (Decent)
The Gamma cast off starts strong, with a 1st round knockdown, but struggles with Grundy's wrestling in a close finish
MWTom Essy 4-0 beats Kramer Maywether 6-0-1 by submission (armbar) in 2:58 of rd 1 (Great)
The 2001 rookie of the year wastes no time going to the ground where he quickly ensares the arm for the tap
LHCal Hillson 5-0 beats Titus Mostel 7-2 by KO (punch) in 2:30 of rd 2 (Great)
Mostel was technically smoother, but the big power of Hillson prevailed, as he dropped Mostel twice
Derron Barton beats Mateo Jane, John Fitzwallace beats Lachlan Bowen, Tony Legg beats Chesney Brightman
Att: 856Gate: $88,887Rating: Critical 73, Commercial 46, Popularity +0.8
Fight of the night - Dreck/Bogdonovich, KO of the night - Hillson, Submission of the night - Dreck
Wrap up
The main event was everything the fans hoped for and credit has to be given to Dreck for taking some bombs, and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, can you anyone say rematch?Hersch called out the Champion after his lackluster win, but you kind of need to bring some excitement to the cage to earn a shot and his fight sucked.Fatuma roy was equally unimpressive after a fast start, spending the entire 2nd round on his back.Derron Barton is showing some promise and may be ready for the main card his next fight as he has two impressive wins.Didn't reach the attendance figures we wanted, but still new high marks in both, so it is still a big positive and we make $20,961!!!

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