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Now some good news, we sign a TV deal with National Pride TV for 7 shows and secure the services of Jeffrey Story as commentator, I will provide color commentary. They will broadcast both ECW 9 and ECW 10, so I change marketing to advanced local.

To replenish the HW ranks I sign Gamma castoffs Zair Williams and Abe Locke, both super Heavies who will have to trim down.
Moe Muschin injures his elbow forcing cancellation of his fight against Joey Valdez. It was a prelim fight so no big deal.

ECW 9 now has major issues as Ashley Ballard suffers a major knee injury and his fight with Reed Howlett is off. We make Lemonade out of Lemons and match Howlett up with Joey Valdez after the latter had his fight with Muschin cancelled, so we still have 5 main card fights.

Our financial numbers through March (we also made a profit of $9,306 in February) and the revised card for ECW 9.

ECW 9: No RemorseSaturday, April 27, 2002
Main Event
The Big Show' Sylvester Collins 9-0 vs 'The Dallas Cowboy' Sam Hoynes 7-0 ECW HW Title
Evan Pizarro 8-0 vs Gus Fitzpatrick 8-0 (WW)Gavin Marshall 6-0 vs Joshua Hope 8-0 (LH)
Reed Howlett 7-0 vs Joey Valdez 8-1 (MW)Brayden Behrami 6-0 vs Dwayne Alleyne 8-1 (LH)
Plus 2 exciting preliminary bouts featuring
Randall Donnelly vs Brady Crawford, Garth Neill vs Harold Carrie
Business Ledger- April 1st, 2002
Financial SummaryExpenses
Balance: $337,878Tax: $0
Monthly profit/loss: -$1,532Fighters: $90
IncomeContracts: $0
Gate: $0Drug Tests: $0
Sponsorship: $1,512Production: $0
PPV: $0Marketing: $2,142
Ads \ Subscriptions: $0Admin: $1,204
Merchandise: $308TV: $0
Coporate: $0Coporate: $0
Misc: $840Misc: $756
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